Before Hurricane Katrina - 15 July 2005

After Hurricane Katrina - 2 September 2005

~CLICK HERE to see a larger view of this aerial photo.~
Photo copyright/Duke University/with permission.

~Approximate height of the storm surge. It was estimated at 35 feet.~

~Memorial Gardens before Hurricane Katrina.~

~Memorial Gardens after Hurricane Katrina.~

~What is left of the bell tower. We found the Episcopal flag in the little debris that was there.~

~Christ Church's Rectory~

~This was part of a coach house that was on church property from the turn of the century. It was found near the railroad tracks, over a half a mile away.

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PLEASE NOTE: This website is maintained in memory of Christ Episcopal Church
as it was BEFORE and shortly AFTER Hurricane Katrina.
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Christ Episcopal Church was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, August 29, 2005.
The entire material side of the church and surrounding buildings were destroyed by the storm. Nothing was left standing except the bell tower.

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Gwen Hogan Wheat, recently deceased on 27 February 2010.
She was a Vestry member and her husband actually built the original church which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
We all love her and will miss her dearly.

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