Waveland and Bay St Louis After Katrina 5

Waveland MS Katrina Damage

Waveland Damage Photos

Waveland, MS, damage photos Waveland, MS, Katrina Damage Photos

Storm Damage Photos Bay St. Louis and Waveland, Mississippi, Part 5

Main street, Coleman Avenue, Waveland, MS.

Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mother on the beach at what was St. Claire's Catholic School and Church. This statue has survived several major storms including Hurricane Camille and Katrina. Although the church, school and grounds were destroyed, this statue remained intact.

A very rare sight. Parts of a home along Beach Boulevard remain. Nearly every home along the beach was destroyed. This one, with steel braces, remains.

Home on Nickolson Avenue, Waveland, MS.

Nothing remains of this beach front home except the view.

Saint Stanislaus Catholic School. A brother who stayed in the storm told me the water was as high as the line indicated. He said he saw waves and cars floating by. They remained inside the building thinking they would be safe as Hurricane Camille, a Category 5 storm, did not destroy the building.

Nothing remains of this home owned by Gloria Smith; Waveland, MS

Although no restaurants are open in Waveland, good christian groups such as this one, provide a hot meal, smiles and encouragement to the victims of the storm.

This was once a Bank on Coleman Avenue, Waveland, MS. All that remains is the vault.

A sign of eternal hope, this flag flies over what was the home of David and Kimberly King; Waveland, MS.

A van belonging to Coast Episcopal is destroyed; Waveland, MS

A flag symbolizing hope; Waveland, MS

Beachfront home with flag; Waveland, MS

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