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Christ Episcopal Recent Events/Parishioner Information

Recovery Work Begins

~Mignon Kolp plays the beautiful keyboard generously donated.~

New Keyboard!

Click here and Here to see more photos of our choir, and new keyboard from Sunday Service, November 6, 2005.

57th Annual Harvest Dinner

~Our crucifix was found recently, was damaged but is basically intact.~

Christ Episcopal Church, Madison, Indiana, Provides Volunteer Services

Rev. Rick Draper, Joshua Anderson, June Taylor, Scott Cooper, Anne Lewis, Jeff and Julie Lake provided some volunteer work to Christ Church on January 27-29. They represent Christ Church out of Madison, Indiana.

The group drove here and provided much needed cleaning and clearing of the church grounds. You can visit their church website by Clicking Here.

St. Mary's Episcopal; Edmond, OK

Our New Banner Courtesy Of The Christian Motorbike Association

Left: Eddie and Sue Long; Sitting: Mike Abadie Right: Shirley and Tom Byers of the Christian Motorcyclist Association, Chapter 369, Denham Springs, LA.

Church Services Photos For October 2, 2005
    The Reverend Kyle D. Seage performed services. Kyle was the former Interim Rector for Christ Episcopal and had recently moved. This was her first trip back to the church.

Services Held September 18, 2005

Kathryn Larsen kneels in prayer.
Forty five parishioners attended services, September 18, 2005.

I attended service at Christ Episcopal on 18 September 2005. Service was held on the slab where the church once stood.

Of those attending I counted about 45 present. Army Major Anthony Clark, along with his staff, were in attendance. Major Clark offered his pastoral services to any church member who may need them this week.

Rev. Sally Hardie with Golden Gates Interfaith Disaster Organization, was in attendance. She is leading a group of church volunteers. This group will assist church parishioners if anyone needs trees cut, and/or some home repairs. They have a vast store of supplies and are willing to help any Parishioner that needs immediate assistance.

The service was very touching with some of the choir members leading in songs and prayers. There were few chairs and it was extremely hot, but everyone in attendance was glad to see and greet one another.

Services were held under a tent on the church grounds this date. There were approximately 50 in attendance. Reverend Rev. Wayne Nicholson, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Chester, New York, conducted the service.

Known Parishioners and Current Location

(Note: this was written in early 2006)

Editor's Note: If a person's status is listed as "Unknown" it does not indicate that anything has happened to them but rather that I have had no communication from that member since before the storm.
Kimberly King, Website Editor

Of the known parishioners:

Parish families: 149 Homes destroyed: 47 known
Homes with severe damage: 27 known
Unaccounted for: 45
Homes classified as intact: 3

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