Christ Episcopal Church; Bay St. Louis, MS Christ Episcopal Church; Bay St. Louis, MS

Christ Episcopal Business and Professions Listing

Please note: Christ Episcopal is not endorsing anyone or any business, but simply letting other members of the congregation know what it is that Parish members have to offer.

Real Estate Agent

Robert Taconi, Realtor.
Robert is a realtor with Coldwell Banker
You can reach Robert at:

604 Hwy 90
Waveland, MS 39576

General Contractor

Stuart Henderson

You can contact Stuart at Stuart Henderson Home Builders; 467-2339

Real Estate Appraiser

Kim Uram

Kim is a certified Real Estate Appraiser. You can contact her at
Kim Lucas and Associates.
P.O. Box 2216
Bay St. Louis, MS 39521-2216
Phone: 228-467-7831

Babysitting; House Cleaning; Yard Work; Cater Work

Lindsey Lind

She cleans houses, does babysitting, yard work, and cater help.
Contact Lindsey at 216-2028

Speech Therapy

Katheryn Larsen

Katheryn is a Speech Pathologist. You can contact her at 255-0233

Crab Meat

Mike and Diane Lind

You can purchase crab meat, fresh or frozen, from the Lind's. The price is only $9.00 for a 12 oz. bag.
Contact the Lind's at 255-8468

Yard Work; Odd Jobs

Michael Lind

Mike does yard work and odd jobs. Contact him at 255-8468


Meghan Lind

Meghan is available for babysitting. Contact her at 255-8468

French Translation

Emily de Montluzin

Emily is fluid in speaking and reading French and can translate old documents that some of you may have to English. Please contact the church office to reach her or contact Kimberly King, 228-469-0678 to reach her.

Oak Tree Registration; Computer Help; Face Painting

Kimberly King

I do Hancock County Oak Tree Registration for the Hancock Historical Society.
Contact Kim King at 228-469-0678

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